Friday, April 1, 2016

Review: The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever Made by

The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever is so bad, it could wake the dead…
After producing three horror films that went mostly ignored on YouTube, Justin and his filmmaking buddies decide it's time to make something epic. In fact, they're going to make The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever. They may not have money or a script, but they have passion. And, after a rash text message, they also have the beautiful Alicia Howtz as the lead.
Hemmed in by a one-month timeline and a cast of uncooperative extras, but aching to fulfill Alicia's dreams, Justin must face the sad, sad truth: he may, in actuality, be producing The Worst Zombie Movie Ever. 

Rating: 2 Stars

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

I feel like this could have been an interesting teen film, maybe a film of the summer, but as a book it falls a bit flat for me.

There were some really fun moments, when you could clearly see and understand the passion that Justin has for film making. I think, with enough time, he could grow up, go to film school, and become a good filmmaker.

As it stands, though, there wasn't anything remarkable about the story. It was alright during the reading, but the details went from my head once I was done reading it. This isn't the type of book that you can read, put down for ages, and then pick back up and expect to remember everything so you can continue.

Also, I swear I thought that Justin was in middle school while I was reading this. I don't remember if his age was mentioned early on or not until later, but up until I actually found out he was 15, I was thinking more along the lines of 12 or 13. There was something about his mannerisms and his actions (or lack there of) that presented him as younger.

The ending was...weird. Not in a good way, wow that was some stuff kind of weird, just very odd. It was hard to tell whether it was a concrete ending, or another one of Justin's failed movies.

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