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Edge of Wild Street Team: Review and Book Trailer

Scared yet?

Okay, maybe not scared, but oh my god this trailer is amazing. It's a little sad that it's a book trailer and not one for a movie or mini-series.

Everyone, I'd like to welcome you to my first post as a member of the Edge of Wild Street team. It's a great project relating to Danika Stone's newest novel. It really packs a wallop and I'm pleased to kick off the promotional tour with the book trailer and my review.

After having seen that trailer, who wouldn't be intrigued by this story? It sounds like the perfect weekend mystery read to curl up with. I know that I found myself reading this until the wee hours of the morning which may or may not have been a bit of a mistake in certain parts. Seriously, spooky stuff!

The main male character, Rich, started out as the typical corporate guy that annoys you. He seems to think he knows best, no matter what anyone tells him, and you can't imagine liking him at all. I was impressed with his character development over the course of the book. You were slowly introduced to different sides of him, facets that made him more ordinary and relateable than the straight laced suit he began as.

Lou, the primary female character, was by far my favorite character in the book. She has a bit of the supernatural about her. She has dreams and visions of her past lives, hints that intrude on her current life and may or may not be a boon. She never lets Rich intimidate her, she  tries her best to give her all to her town (regardless of what the stick in the mud traditionalists think), and she's not a typical heroine. She'd give Rich a swift kick in the ass if she thought he needed it and she's an insane mechanic to boot. Kudos to her; I know nothing about cars and she never gives up, even when Rich's fancy pants car continues to break down.

I do wish there had been more information about Lou's abilities. I don't recall there every being much explanation for it. Was it something inherited from her mother's side of the family, as her mom was the only person to really take these visions seriously? Is it possible that there are more people in town with abilities that we just don't know about?

Lou and Rich aren't the only cast members in this book, of course. There are a great number of townspeople, each of which brings their own brand of crazy to the table. There's the slightly eccentric boutique owner that keeps hinting to Rich about the true goings on of the town. There's the owner of the coffee shop, Lou's oldest friend and a comforting presence in the background of the book. There's the B & B owner who I swear should be played by Imelda Staunton (aka Dolores Umbridge) in the movie adaptation.

The story keeps you on edge as you work your way toward the resolution of Rich's problems with his job: the running and upkeep of the lodge his bosses have had no end of trouble with. There are scenes that are heightened when you read them in the dark of the night, and there are scenes that will have you launching yourself for the nearest lamp and double checking the locks on  your doors.

My last note: the cover was a great choice. Not only is it simplistic and true to the overall feel of the novel, but it actually makes sense in terms of the book. It isn't something that has no connection to the story; there is definitely a reason for the blood and the bunny.

Please please please do yourself a favor and pick this book up. It's got mystery, it's got great characters, and it's got a good buildup of romance that you realize is totally realistic, a nice change from the over-hyped insta-love you see a lot these days.

Also keep your eyes peeled this week and next as the members of the #EdgeofWild street team release their own posts. There are guest posts, reviews, excerpts, and so much more. There's even a read-a-long starting on May 6th. There will be loads of info going round on Twitter, so be sure to watch out for the hashtag #EdgeofWild and see the author herself answering questions posed and generally just being an awesome gal. :)

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  1. Yay go street team! haha Thanks for sharing your review. I always love when a book does character development well, especially if you aren't too sure about them at first!