Thursday, November 10, 2016

Harry Potter Thursday: Favorite Common Room

Harry Potter Thursday is a weekly meme created by Uncorked Thoughts.

This week's meme topic is an interesting one because it asks what is your favorite common room, not necessarily what is the common room of the house you were sorted into. If I were going by what I was sorted into, I'd be hanging out in the Ravenclaw Common Room.

It's gorgeous and has a lot of nice things, like the book corner over there and plenty of light to read by because besides Gryffindor, it is the only other house that is in a tower at Hogwarts. However, based upon the little we know of all the other common rooms, it is not my favorite. My absolute favorite common room would be the one belonging to...Hufflepuff!

Based on the article about it on Pottermore, the Hufflepuff Common Room is located down the same hallway as the school kitchens. That is a big plus to begin with. We know from the interactions the Golden Trio has with the house elves in Goblet of Fire that they work incredibly hard in the kitchens, but they're always willing to stop and give a student whatever they might like (which might explain how Fred and George got their snacks all those years). Being that close to a midnight snack would please me greatly.

Once you enter the Common Room, it sounds like something similar to a hobbit hole. The windows are round, the decorative shelves around round, as are the doors. All the wood is a warm, honey color that just drinks in the light from the windows. It sounds heavenly and creates a homey feeling; I imagine that would make it a wonderful place for all the students, but especially the first years who are away from home for the first time.  Apparently the plants that decorate the rooms are animated too, so not only is the place cheerful, but you've got cacti waving to and dancing for you and vines tickling you as you go to your room.

While the Ravenclaw Common Room speaks to my bookworm mind, the Hufflepuff room speaks to my heart. It puts me at ease immediately in terms of location and decoration. I think I would have the most fun here; the students tend to be friendlier than the other houses and I think they'd be welcoming of a visitor. If only J.K. had taken us for a visit there within the series properly, my husband (a tried and true Hufflepuff) would've been a very happy badger.

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