Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Owlcrate September Box Review: Leading Ladies

At first I wasn't sure that I'd be getting this month's box due to a current situation, but I'm so glad that I was able to. There were some great things in it this month. The theme of the month was Leading Ladies.

Here's the box, newly opened and holding all this month's surprises! On the flip side is a list of everything in the box, which I never read if I can help it until everything's been unpacked.

The first thing out of the box is this cool tote bag from Whoviandrea. It's fairly sizable too, which is good because I'm always carrying multiple books around. Check out more of her merchandise on the website, or her Twitter feed.

I have started the Divergent series and like it so far, though I do happen to know the ending of the series. :( This bag is perfect for a member of any faction, particularly Dauntless (*cough*Erudite here*cough*).

I love to collect Pop figures, but I don't have any keychain ones yet. Happy surprise then that there was one in this box and it is one of my favorite heroines. All hail the Mother of Dragons.

Okay, this wasn't exactly a goodie. It's a postcard ad for a pet subscription service, much like Owlcrate but for your pet. I had to include it here though because it's Hermione and Crookshanks for crying out loud!

Here's a necklace from Crystal Compass. It's a gold arrow reminiscent of Katniss from The Hunger Games. This is a cool necklace; my only problem is that the chain is rather short so I won't be able to wear it unless I get some extenders. The Etsy shop has some nice items, so I'd recommend taking a look at those as well.

A lovely photograph print was next and I love it. It reminds me of a Doctor Who poster I have in the same style. Hermione is one of the greatest leading ladies of recent memory, if not of all time, and to see her portrayed so beautifully was a pleasure.

And the part, finally, that I was most excited to receive! I had no idea that this would be the book included, naturally, as that's sort of the point. It was, however, a box that I was very much looking forward to reading and even had in my Barnes & Noble cart, intending to purchase it today. Good thing I didn't!

The second photo shows a special sticker and a letter from the author written especially for Owlcrate subscribers. I love getting these little things from the author because it feels like we're connecting with them somehow.

I'd recommend signing up to receive this monthly box if I were you. The theme changes every month and, while it is a bit of a gamble as everything's a surprise, it's little things like that that make life worth living. There's always a brand new book in there and I've not gotten one yet that has disappointed.

Keep a sharp eye on Owlcrate as these boxes tend to sell out fairly quickly.

Until October, everyone!

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