Friday, September 18, 2015

TAG: Inside Out

For my first TAG video on this blog, I thought that I would do the Inside Out Tag as originally created by Kristina Horner.

1. Joy: what book brings you the most joy?

I love this series and have since the moment I picked up the first volume. I loved reading about the adventures that the students at Hogwarts had and learning more and more about this strange world hidden within our own.

2. Disgust: which book grossed you out the most?

Don't get me wrong, I love this series and I want to read more of it. That said, when the main character gets a psychic impression from everything he eats and is a law enforcement officer, you know things are going to go badly (especially with that boss of his!).

There are some very bloody and gory parts of the series which make me a little queasy, but I keep going because the story is well worth the gross out.

3. Fear: what book scared you the most?

I didn't actually like this book a whole lot. It was okay in terms of writing, plot, etc. That being said, a B horror movie is still going to creep me out if I'm reading it at 1:00 AM and no one else is awake. It had the cheap thrills that come with an overdone horror movie plot, but those thrills definitely had me waiting a bit before turning out the lights.

4. Sadness: which book made you cry the hardest?

I don't usually cry when reading. There might be parts that make me really sad, such as all the deaths that occur in the last Harry Potter novel, but actual crying?

I did, however, when I read the story of Andrew Brawley. It hit me so hard, reading about this kid that lives in a hospital, unknown to staff or anyone really, after the rest of his family dies. The reasons behind this situation made me bawl even harder.

5. Anger: which book pissed you off?

I didn't expect this book to be great literature, but Lara Jean, the main character, spiraled downward so much from where she was at the end of the previous book that I was ashamed of her. She was a somewhat strong young woman and now that she had a "real" boyfriend she acts like the cliche highschooler. She became so annoying that it was a small miracle I finished the book. Just because she got a boyfriend was no reason for her to act like such a dimwit!

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