Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Top 5 Wednesday: Fictional Cities

I'm ready to kick off my new blog, recently moved from LiveJournal, with a favorite post of mine, Top 5 Wednesday. This week took a bit of thinking as I don't register the cities my books take place in as something that goes towards whether or not I enjoy the novel. Here, then, are my choices:

5. King's Landing (A Song of Ice and Fire)

I bet if this city were cleaned up it would be a fantastic place to visit because of all the culture and the history that went on. However, as it stands, being anywhere near there is probably hazardous to your health, especially if your last name happens to be Stark. I also like that it's near the sea because I've always been fascinated by sea travel and would love the ability to set off at a moment's notice on a pirate's adventure.  

4. Ank-Morpork (Discworld series)

Who wouldn't want to visit a city made famous by Sir Terry Pratchett? You might meet Susan or Death or any number of awe inspiring people. Let's face it, it is also the city where, if you want to round up an expedition to see the elephants, you'll find the most willing (aka craziest) volunteers.

3. Death City, Nevada (Soul Eater)

This is the city featured in Soul Eater (manga). It is definitely not a city for the weak at heart. It is home to the Death Weapon Meister Academy and thus will provide endless excitement. Whether there's a witch running rampant or Black Star trying to prove himself again, each day will be sure to be unlike any other.

2. Hobbiton (The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings)

That's a city, right? I love Hobbiton because it sounds like it would be a really welcoming place. The Hobbits are friendly with everyone and I bet they have the best food in all of Middle Earth. The weather is almost always fair, the landscape is gorgeous, and, at least prior to the events of LOTR, you didn't have to worry about being attacked or invaded. That sense of contentment would be wonderful.

1. Hogsmeade (Harry Potter series)

An entirely wizarding village? Sign me up! I'm not sure what country this would be in, Scotland maybe, but if they were selling tickets I'd be buying one straight away. The joke shop, the candy store, the only thing missing is a bookstore, unless I missed one from the novels?

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