Monday, February 22, 2016

Review: Guardians of the Scroll (Palace Library #2) by Steven Loveridge

Thrown back in time by The Palace Library, three children must protect a dangerous and magical manuscript. Only the power of The Scroll can control the savage creatures of The Nether World.
Harry, Eleanor and Grace must battle monsters and face fire to wrestle The Scroll from the cruel grasp of Caesar and Cleopatra.
At the moment of victory, a new evil emerges to steal it away.
Captured, with the Library of Alexandria burning all around them, how can they escape?

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

Rating: 4 Stars

Here we have another adventure from the Palace Library. It was just as wondrous as the first book with a fair bit more danger.

I loved that the children were able to visit the Library of Alexandria, dangerous as it was. That library is the ultimate dream for a bibliophile: to visit that great and terrible source of knowledge which was tragically lost in our world.

The tales of Ancient Egypt have always been fascinating to me, finding out how they lived, what they learned back then. It makes me wonder just how much more knowledge we'd have if the Library hadn't burned.

The adventure was thrilling and so tense in parts that it urges you to continue reading, to read and read until you've finished the tale. Some parts were a bit squirm inducing, such as when Henry is locked up and being questioned by the soothsayer, but not so much that I would keep the book from any child interested in it.

I found the ending to be very good in that it was a interesting ending, definitely one that left me wanting to read the third book (out sometime this year I hope!), but I was sad too because it left the story at a point with so much potential, so many questions and feelings that I felt a bit out of sorts after finishing it.

Music Recommendation

I selected The Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Song as played by the Auckland Symphony Orchestra for this book as it embodies the adventure of the story with all of its ups and down and perilous plot points.

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