Saturday, October 29, 2016

Winter Biannual Bibliothon 2017 Reading Challenges TBR

I'm looking forward to this already. 2016 was not the best year for readathons and I'm not entirely sure that 2017 will be much better, but I have to start somewhere and that somewhere is going to be the Winter Biannual Bibliothon 2017. As a book blogger, not a bookTuber, the video challenges are exciting but not so much for me, but the reading challenges went up today and I wanted to make a TBR right away because why the heck not?

Challenge One: Read the Group Book

I've actually got this out from the library right now, but I won't have time to really give it a go before it has to go back, so I won't actually start it. Hopefully I'll pick up my own copy sometime between now and the bibliothon, or I can always request it again.

Challenge Two: Throwback - Pick any past Bibliothon Reading Challenge

Read a book with your favorite mythical character

In my case, that would be mermaids. I love all the stories about mermaids as a child and would often pretend I was one. I think that was the only reason I joined the swim team in high school. I love swimming, but dear god did I hate doing it competitively, so major oops on that end.

This book has been on my shelf for ages, so I'd like to finally get to it and see if it's worth it. There are a few books in the series by now, so if I really like it I can pick up the rest.

Challenge Three: Read a 2016 New Release

I've had this one on my shelf since it came out and I'm annoyed that it's taken me this long to get around to it. It might be a good one to read in the middle of winter, though. I don't really care for the heat, but the middle of January in New Jersey can get a bit bleak so this sounds like the ticket for a cheer up.

Challenge Four: Read a book a BookTuber recommends to you

Thank you to MissSassieKassie for this recommendation. I think I tried it once and it wasn't for me, but it's been awhile so why not give it another shot?

Challenge Five: Read a book you were really excited for but never picked up

This is supposed to be a loose Beauty and the Beast retelling. That is one of my favorite stories of all time, so of course I was excited when I heard about it. I just never really got around to reading it, even though I own it and the sequel. 

Challenge Six: Read a retelling

I'm 90% sure this is going to be in a subscription box I get for November, so I'll try to save it for the bibliothon. :)

Challenge Seven: Read a diverse book

I'd meant to read this for a past readathon, but didn't make it so I'll put it here and hopefully check it out. The premise sounds really unique and interesting, so I might even go "out of order" and do challenge seven first!

So there you have my intended books for the Winter Biannual Bibliothon. If you want to check it out, the reading challenge video is here and the video challenge video is here. It's always a lot of fun to watch the videos, even if I don't make any. The New Year should be fun!

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  1. I can't waaaait for Heartless!! It's in my shopping basket just WAITING FOR ME TO GET IT. aFjdasklfd I've heard there's tons of cake in it too, so #winning. And I'd love to read Stalking Jack the Ripper too. I hope you do get a chance to try it eventually. :D

    1. Yes, the cake! I love that a lot of books lately have more scenes with food. They've been really good, too. Too good sometimes, because then I want cake and we don't have any cake. ;_;

  2. Deep Blue is a book that I've never really got around to reading. A lot of the reviews that I've read aren't all that favourable, and the text is in different colours other than black which makes it harder for me to read BUT MERMAIDS! I adore mermaids, it used to be the only thing that I would dress up as. Still debating on whether or not I should read the series, hm.

    Fleur @ FranklyBooks just posted SISTERS & CAKE | THE SIREN BY KEIRA CASS

    1. I think you should give it a chance. :) I remember reading a sample of it awhile ago and it was good, decent at least. I don't remember it being in a different color type, but I'll have to dig my copy out for the readathon anyway, so I'll see then. :) I'll be doing a review for all of these, too; maybe that'll help your decision.

      Have you tried the Splintered series? That's an Alice in Wonderland type of story series and every book in it has type of a different color. I thought that was unique, but I wonder if it's a problem for some people?