Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Monthly Recommendations: Books to Read in 2016

At first I wasn't sure what to include in this list. I'm part of two street teams for authors that have books coming out in 2016 and I will be posting a lot about those coming up. You may have seen two letters I've already done for two of them. Luckily, when I read the description for this month's "challenge" as it were, I found that I could include books that I think you ought to read rather than ones that are simply being published next year.

This is good because it'll allow me to share different books, allowing for a wider variety in my lists. So, for this month, here you are:

Nix, the main character, has a pirate ship that can travel through space and time. It's practically like having a TARDIS. I want to read this so much. For starters, the time travel aspect alone piques my interest. Second, at least one of the settings is Hawaii. I have only ever read one books that takes some place in Hawaii. It'll be cool to see more of that state, though in this book I think she visits it prior to statehood (late 1800's).


If you have not read The Wrath & the Dawn yet, I highly suggest you get on that. It is a tremendously wonderful book and you have to read it before May because that it when the sequel, The Rose & the Dagger, comes out! Do not expect to see me much in early May because I will be holed up at home devouring this!

A treat for next summer! When the heat's getting to you and you need to stay inside reading (because of course you need a reason), this looks like it is going to be perfect. I read the winter version earlier this year and the stories selected for the collection were so much fun. There are some spectacular authors in this volume, so many that I can't see how there couldn't be something for everyone.


This is another series that has the second book coming out in 2016. Shiny Broken Pieces is the second book in a frightening series about a prestigious ballet school, the teenage students that attend, and what they'll do to make sure they're the best. The characters are a bit scary because of how realistic they are; I wouldn't want to think that anyone is like that, but I know better and in knowing it I can see how truly scary the main characters are. I can't wait for the sequel to come out in July.

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