Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Clean Slate Readathon & #24in48 Challenge Wrap Up

This is a quick wrap up post regarding the Clean Slate Readathon and the #24in48 Challenge.

Things did not go as well as I'd hoped.

The Clean Slate Challenge was a great challenge, but I think the part that I got stuck on was that I was not as into the book I started the week with as I had hoped I would be (Six of Crows, in case you're wondering). I know you don't have to have read the Grisha trilogy to read this book, but I'm starting to think that it would help immensely. I'm putting it aside, then, until I can work my way through Siege & Storm and Ruin & Rising.

I didn't read much past the first two chapters of Six of Crows and I didn't start anything else, which I see now was a mistake. I thought that I could power through my slump with the book I'd picked and I didn't want to start another book because I thought it would distract me. Maybe that's what I should have done.

As for #24in48, that didn't get finished either, but I did a lot better than I expected, seeing as I'd only seen it was happening about 12 hours before it began.

The thing I now know for sure about challenges like it is that I need to schedule the day off from work. If I don't, there's no way to finish because I'm either at work and unable to read or I'm so tired when I get home from work that I don't want to read. Pro tip: keep a better eye on the calendar for future events of this nature and book the day off!

What I did get to read for #24in48 was a fair bit of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell via audiobook. I was in the office the first day of the challenge so I was able to listen to it. I've read Fangirl before, but it's a fairly easy read to get through and it was nice to get back to the story of Cath and her first year at college.

I've got a bit of a break from any timed challenges or readathons, so I won't have any posts about them as such, but if you know of one you think I'd like to participate in, let me know.

Until next time!

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