Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Top 5 Wednesday: Top 5 Fandoms

Thanks to Gingerreadslainey for this week's topic, the hardest one yet!

This one took some thinking. I mean, I'm a part of so many fandoms, how can I really narrow it down? A lot of it is dependent on my mood at the time, what I consider my most favorite in the moment. Some of them are my favorites because I've been a part of them so long it's sort of default (i.e. Disney movies: grown up on them, kind of part of the fandom whether I realized it or not).

Normally Top 5 Wednesday are reserved for book topics, but I wanted to think outside of the box and went with my favorites from across the board: movies, television, and books.

Counting down to number one,  here are my top 5 fandoms:

5. Twilight

This goes for both the books and the movies.

I understand why a lot of people don't like either. Heck, I'm not terribly impressed with the movies either, but they're good in a cheesy kind of way.

The books too had their problems; underlying messages and all that. When I first read them, though, I wasn't really thinking about any of that. I was just enjoying what I thought, and still kind of think, is a good story. Great, no; good, yes.

I remember when there were the first rumors that a movie would be coming out. That was when it started feeling like I was a part of the fandom because the talk about the books and what we hoped would be in the movies really came to the fore front. It was a fun time and I miss it.

4. Percy Jackson

I got into this series very late. All of the books in the Percy Jackson series are published, the Heroes of Olympus series was nearly done, as well as the Kane Chronicles. This means, of course, I don't always get the jokes and trivia right away, but it's a great fandom that I'm working my way through.

If I had to pick, I would've said I'd be a Daughter of Athena, but my first quiz said that I was a Daughter of Hades. Unexpected, but I'll wear the title proudly. :)

3. Gilmore Girls

Thanks be to Netflix for having this on the website. This is one of very few shows that I can watch straight through only to restart it a moment later. The humor, the characters, the setting...I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again and again: I wish I could live in Stars Hollow.
2. Superwholock

I realize this might be considered cheating as it is technically the combination of three fandoms into one. Really, though, how did you think I was going to fit my favorites onto such a tiny list?

I have loved Doctor Who since I first started watching the reboot all those years ago. I watched it, caught up with it around Season 6, and have continued to this day. I watched Old Who as well, but not as much because I only have a few of the dvds.

Supernatural started out as a binge for me and I loved it, thankfully. It's been a rough road for the boys and for us fans emotionally. May it continue for many more seasons.

I had never read any Sherlock stories before meeting my husband, but as he was a fan, I thought I ought to give them a try. I haven't read all of them yet, but they're very good. We started watching the movies together and when we saw this show being introduced settled in to watch it. It was amazing and we've both become huge fans of it since, quoting it constantly to each other.

1. Harry Potter

I don't think I started reading these books until at least Prisoner of Azkaban was released, so I was a bit behind but I think I made it just in time to be part of the Potter generation.

I love this series more than any other and constantly re-read it. I have started reading the first book to my son and I can't wait until he's old enough to be Sorted (though we're pretty sure he's a Slytherin).

There were things and concepts in these books that I hadn't thought of before or at least hadn't remembered. This was the first book series that I had pre-orders for, that I waited in line for the midnight release for.

I wish, more than anything, that I could go back and re-read them for the first time. I can't remember all my thoughts and emotions from back in the day, but I'm betting they were pretty intense.

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