Sunday, November 1, 2015

Monthly Recommendations: Trilogies

When I saw the topic for this month's recommendations post, I was excited until I realized one vital problem: I haven't read all that many trilogies.

Whenever I think I've found one, it turns out it has become a longer series! I'm not upset about that in the least, because that means there's more material in a world I've enjoyed, but it does make this post slightly problematic.

What I've decided to do rather than recommend trilogies that I've finished and loved, is recommend trilogies that I've begun and have liked so much that I want to continue on and finish.

The Hunger Games Trilogy

I am very behind in reading this series, as almost all of the movies are out and almost everyone I know that reads YA has read this series! While I might know spoilers for Catching Fire and Mockingjay, I haven't yet made my own tour of the districts and finished the books.

The Hunger Games was good and quite terrifying, to be honest, picturing these "Games" and what the children are going through to survive. I felt badly for Katniss. She has all this pressure on her to provide for her family and protect them at all costs, which is what brings her to the Games in the first place.

After having witnessed her technical victory in the first book, I'm anxious to see how she handles the repercussions of what she and Peeta did.

The Grisha Trilogy

One of the things I like best about this series is in the first book, I started out liking the Darkling and hoping that the rumors of his evil nature were false. The anti-hero movement is something that I am liking quite a bit, here and in other books such as The Young Elites by Marie Lu and television programs like Once Upon a Time.

The Winner's Trilogy

This trilogy isn't quite finished yet; we've got to wait until March 2016 for the conclusion, but it is an amazing series that I hate for it to end. The first volume introduces you to the war torn world of the novel, with one country having enslaved another in their thirst for conquest. What I liked about this book, aside from the world building, is that the love interests did not fall together instantly. There was a lot of work to be done before it was possible to believe it and at the end I'm still not sure if they'll make it overall.

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  1. I'm caught up in all of these trilogies and they are all fantastic! Great ones for your list. You've got some great things to look forward to!