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TAG: The Halsey Tag

I have heard of Halsey a lot recently for a couple of reasons. The first being, of course, that she had an album out recently. I've heard the music mostly on Youtube and I'm still not settled on how I feel about it. It's a bit odd to me, though I think this is a good thing because music that makes you ponder it is pretty cool and rare these days.

The second reason I've heard about Halsey is that she actually attended high school at the same school I graduated from. I never really thought about anyone from our school making it big, so it was a great surprise when I heard about Halsey's school.

Logging onto Blogger today I saw Little Lillie Reads had done The Halsey Tag based on the tags she had seen going around. I thought I'd like to join in, so here we go:

Your favorite queen

Shahrzad is a beautiful, headstrong woman who goes into her marriage to the king, Khalid, knowing that she will probably die given his history with women. She starts out hating him because his last wife was her best friend and she wants revenge. However, she does not die at dawn the day after and as time passes, she begins to see the good in Khalid and realizes that there may be a way to save him.

The cliffhanger for this story was killer, but I am hoping that Shahrzad's strength will carry through to the next novel. She was incredibly brave in this story, intelligent, and next to fearless.

Hold Me Down
A series you just can't seem to quit no matter how hard you try

The Shopaholic series is on its eight book and is fairly formulaic at this point. Becky Bloomwood, the eponymous shopaholic, gets herself into financial trouble in each book and by the end somehow figures a way out of it. There isn't a lot of suspense or intrigue, but to be honest, reading about the different stuff she ends up buying and how she justifies it all it kind of funny. I know they're not great literature, but I think Becky is funny as hell and I'll keep on reading these books as long as they're being published.

New Americana
The friend group you'd want by your side during the apocalypse

I've only read the first book in this series so far, so as much as I'm sure Katniss gets a kick ass squad later on in the series, for now I can only go by who I've read about.

Katniss, first of all, would be a great person to have by your side in the apocalypse. She knows how to hunt, she knows how to survive (find water, shelter, etc.), and she's a good friend.

Rue was a great girl who survived as long as she did in the Games by being stealthy. She'd be a good girl to have around to do the sneaking; pretty sure there'd be some of that in the apocalypse, maybe to get supplies or spy on opposing groups?

Peeta was pretty decent at camouflage, which would be good for our home base, wherever that ends up being. Plus, he's a good cook and who doesn't love that?

Gale was another good hunter and he's strong, so he'd be the fighter of the group and help defend us.

While there are other characters in the book that would probably be good to have on my apocalypse team, I'm not sure I could trust them, especially the career tributes.

A couple that needs to communicate better

Sydney had a lot of issues in this book and a lot of them could have been cleared up if she had communicated better with Hunter. It was infuriating at times how little she seemed to realize that if she would just talk, things would not be turning out as bad as she found them.

Favorite standalone

This story had a lot of the things I look for in a story and it incorporated them so well that I am extremely sad that this is a standalone. I wish there could be more about this world and this circus, but it left off in a good place. That makes me happy.

There was love, there were twists and surprises. There was tragedy, but there was also hope, life, and magic.

Roman Holiday
Cutest Contemporary Couple

Cath and Levi were a sweet couple that felt real. They both had issues, some more severe than others, but it worked out pretty well. They were there for each other in the best way that each of them could be.

Most tragic breakup

What happens to Harry and Susan in this book is the culmination of what was/is a beautiful love story. I hate that it happened, whatever good came of it in the end. I can't say too much without spoiling it, but this book will break your heart.

One of your favorite characters who cause you a lot of pain because of the terrible decisions they make

Adelina, I get why you're doing what you're doing, but it is not going to end well! Stop now!

Strange Love
A character people dislike, but you love

Levana may be the evil queen, a tyrant, and generally not good news for, well, anyone, but I find her a fascinating character. I am curious to see how her story will end in Winter. Is there a chance for salvation?

Coming Down
Best sexy time scene

There were some seriously good sexy times in the Hot & Nerdy series, but this one (of the ones I've read) was the best.

A book or character you're still thinking about

This book really messed with my head when I first read it and I still think about the characters. Who they were, who they said they were, and what secrets came to light for all of them before the end. I think it may be time for a re-read, which is unusual with a mystery because I tend to read them once and be done. The Thirteenth Tale, however, has really stuck with me.

Favorite self-destructive character

June is a beautiful dancer and a beautiful person, but her inner turmoil and what she does to stay a beautiful dancer may very well kill her...or someone else. Most of the girls in this story have some sort of issue, whether personality wise or physically, but June is the one that I felt for the most and I hope to see more of her in the next book.

Best villain

The most frightening villain is the one that lives within yourself. Noko's villain is her lack of self worth and self confidence.

Young God
Characters that secretly worship each other

Vivian and Gabriel are meant for one another and if I remember correctly, there was a lot of tension between these two throughout the book. Granted, some of it was because of the potential mate situation among the loup-garoux, but it felt like it went deeper than that. Ignore the movie if you've seen it; the subtle relationship building between them here is much more important than anything committed to film.

Toxic relationship you ship

I loved Alina and the Darkling as the story was beginning. About half way through, when Alina had to flee, I was still hoping that it was all a plot to keep them apart. From what I have heard from others who have finished the series, it is now not looking so good. So sad. It reminds me of Rumbelle from Once Upon a Time. Let's hope they get a better ending.

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