Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Top 10 Tuesday: Ten Books On My Spring TBR

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It's hard to believe Spring is only a week away. The weather has been crazy in my area. I'm hoping spring will have a few more ordinary days, or at the very least no more snow/ice/etc!

There are a lot of new books coming out soon, especially in May. This week I'm sharing the Top 10 books I have on my TBR for the spring time.

10. The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater (April 26th)

I'm trying to catch up with this series before The Raven King comes out. My husband has read the series and says it's really good. From what I've read so far I agree.

Another series that I sorely need to catch up on. I've started The Infernal Devices series and I'd like to get through that and The Mortal Instruments before tackling a new series of Shadowhunter novels. Lady Midnight sounds like it's going to be another epic story in this world and I don't want to be so behind everyone else when they're reading it.

I like books that take place in the early 20th century. I like books about circuses, especially one that have a magical or mystical element to them. Both of these traits look like they'll be found in this story. Luckily I have an ARC of  this book so I won't have to wait too long to read it.

I got to read a sample of this on NetGalley a little while ago and it sounded so mysterious, so tricksy, that I got very excited for the actual publication date.

I just really want to finish this. There's a lot to it, so it's been taking me a bit longer, but I will soldier on and finish it before summer (hopefully).

I forget where I heard about this book exactly, but it's got a really cool sound to it. Luckily I was able to get a NG ARC, so I'll be reviewing this sometime this spring.

Apparently I'm missing out on a lot with this series so this year is definitely going to be the year that I read more V.E. Schwab, starting with the Shades of Magic series.

I love a good story with a lot of elemental powers in it and this series has been very kind to me in that regard. Not to mention it has a library apprentice as the main character. This will be the second to last book in the series, so I'm looking forward to it while at the same time getting a little sad because it'll all be over soon.

I've been looking forward to this for ages. If I remember correctly, the release date has been pushed back a lot. Here's hoping that this is going to be the final one so we can get back together with Myfanwy!

I know this book has been out for over a year, but I have sadly not been able to get to it yet. I don't want to let it get too much later because of spoilers and because I also have A Gathering of Shadows on my TBR so of course I have to read the first book...well, first!

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  1. The Raven King! So much yes! That one is probably the book I'm looking forward to most for the year. Great list of choices here!

    1. I really need to catch up. The Raven Boys is starting out a bit slow for me, but with pretty much everyone loving it, I need to give it a fair shot.

  2. Wink Poppy Midnight sounds good even though it isnt my usual genre. I also want to read more Elise Kova, I just read Air Awakens and WOW!

    1. WPN sounds like it could fit into a few genres, I think, which makes it a bit confusing. I've got a sampler to try and I'll see how that goes. I read a shorter one awhile ago as part of a Buzz Books piece and it was decent enough.

  3. I'm reading Lady Midnight right now, and oh gosh it was totally worth the two year wait!! I know twitter will be dead silent when The Raven King comes out, I hope Gansey doesn't die because that would be unfortunate... Great list!! :)

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

    1. I've heard very good things about Lady Midnight so far. That's great. :)

      I'm kind of worried for Gansey at this point. I don't know how they're going to avoid a dark fate for him.

  4. I'm definitely excited to read Water's Wrath when it's out, for sure. And I recently got ADSOM, I just need to read it, haha! But I've heard lots of great things about so I hope to get to it eventually. Thanks for checking out my video! c:

    1. You're welcome. :)

      Water's Wrath is amazing so far. I was able to get an ARC and thank god for that. Now if only Crystal Crowned was coming out sooner!